ClearLight partnered with Taymax, a franchisee of Planet Fitness health clubs, to invest in, grow and help realize the potential of the company.


ClearLight Partners partnered with Intoxalock, a designer and marketer of alcohol monitoring devices to invest in, grow and help realize the potential of the company while saving lives along the way.

The Outsource Group

“ClearLight is so different from other investors-they are an extension of my team, not just a source of capital.”

U.S. Education Corporation

“We wanted a partner who could support us in tough times, and with whom we felt comfortable sharing our success. ClearLight is that partner.”


“Our company had performed well in its thermal printer markets, but by tapping ClearLight’s experience, we were able to round out the management team and clear the way for the company’s transition to the next level.”


“To ensure that Richardson was well positioned and could meet our clients’ ever expanding needs, it was time to take the next step forward. ClearLight Partners has provided us with not only strong financial backing, but a seasoned and experienced team of advisors.”